Welcome to my Mess

Guys I am going to get very real with you today. I just got back from a writers conference and one of the speakers talked about "making your mess your message" so welcome to my mess. 

A little back story, we bought some beautiful land in the hills of Tennessee in July. That is the good news. The bad news it literally only has 2 shacks on the property, no "real" home. One is definitively unlivable the other my remarkable builder of a husband is going to make into a "rusticly", I know that isn't a real word, adorable cabin. More bad news. The "hill billies" we bought it from have turned into psychotic liars and are trying to make life scary and hard. Good news we are Colorado cowboys and a little psychotic and crazy ourselves. So the beginning of September we moved into our 5th wheel next to the "unlivable" shack which we have turned into an animal house for our sweet dog, Chole, 10 adorable adopted baby wild cats and 2 turtles. Yes, we are fitting into country life very well, thank you.  My amazing husband and awesome boy have spent countless hours clearing trees, brush, grass and weeds taller than them and "pushing dirt" to get us a livable spot and I think they have done a great job! The open flat spot is amazing, except when it rains thereby turning it into a giant mud pit.   In this past year of living in Tennessee we realized it gets quite a bit of  rain, which usually we love,  but since we have moved into our temporary home we have also gotten hit with the remnants of 2 hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, and  2 of our 3 weeks of living in our new home have been rain and mud filled.The Good Lord is growing us! For pictures of our new home check out my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KrystalJTravisWriter/

Back to making my mess my message. Ya'all, I can say that now, I'm in the south, I am gonna be honest... I am struggling right now. My life is messy, literally, 4 people living in less than 250 sq. ft.  in mud isn't necessarily  hill billy heaven. My health is messy right now. My family life is messy right now. Our finances are messy right now. But all that is okay. Why? Because life is always going to be messy. So embrace your mess don't hide until it's gone or until things are "perfect" or even  until they just get "a little better". We need you and your messiness RIGHT NOW. So share your pain. Share your struggles. Share you joy. Share your success. Everything you have and do can be an inspiration, an encouragement or give hope to others.

This weekend I had the honor of meeting some amazing people. All at different areas of mess in their lives but their stories and their "mess" were so moving and inspiring to me. They are making their mess into beautiful messages! 

So Welcome to my Mess. I will be sharing on here regularly and hoping for some of these wonderful people to share their story here too. So I hope you keep visiting. You are most welcome, anytime, to our Hill Billy Paradise. 

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