On A Mission To Discover My Personal Mission Statement

As you begin your journey of transformation, diving deeper into yourself. You will most likely be hit with these questions, “Have you written your personal mission statement yet? Do you know your “why”? “You need to have a purpose, goal or end game in mind not just a dream.”

And while this is most assuredly true, sometimes just hearing these words can put a stop to the motivation or dreams that you are just beginning to discover and build upon. At least it seemed that way for me. I have always known that I love words. I love writing them, I love reading them, I love hearing them and watching them play out in plays or movies. They excite me, inspire me, move me, give me direction, knowledge, hope and comfort.

I have always been better at sharing my true self through written words than spoken ones. I am freer and more honest with my feelings and emotions on paper than verbally. With the written word, you can go back and read it again and if you don’t like what you have just written you can change it. You can use the words to show your heart and feelings. You do not have to look at the other person’s face, or feel their emotions reverberating back to you. It is easier and in some ways and some peoples view point a coward’s way out of dealing with emotions, feelings and problems. We can hide behind the paper and pen. However, it can be a way to share our hearts in a protected environment, expressing things that may never get brought fully into the light because of passions and emotions that may get out of control when done verbally.

What does this have to do with discovering my mission statement you may be thinking? Well I knew my mission statement had to do with words, at least written words. I am a writer. However, as my journey has gone father and deeper these last few years. I believe that God is leading me to share my words not only on paper but with my voice.

To get personal with you for a moment this realization has brought fear. One of my mentors told me once to never share that I was afraid with others that I may be trying to make a relationship or do deals with, as it is seen as a great weakness. I took this to heart. Fear was one of my labels that I had great difficulty removing and if I do not stay vigilant each day, will re attach itself to me with a vengeance. It took the removal of that label and the healing that came from removing that label to realize that it is okay to share when I am struggling with others. It is in the sharing that healing continues to come and grow, not only for me but for those around me. So, in this place of healing I share with you that the thought of sharing my words, verbally, gives me trepidation. However, I believe that God has laid this mission/purpose/dream before me and so in His boldness I am willing to walk into it. Going where and when He leads.

Leading me once again to my mission statement and my why. Loving God and loving others is a purpose that is set before us all and I believe our ultimate “why” for being on this earth. So, I will begin my mission statement with this verse from 1 Peter 4:8 form the Message Version, “Love each other as if your life depended on it. Love makes up for practically everything.”

Below is my mission statement. I believe that they do not have to be long. They do not have to be set in stone, they can change as you grow but at their core they will be based on your personal values and heart, ones that are a part of your everyday life. These are your foundation. Then you can build upon them. So, do not stress about this. Look at yourself in reflection and understanding and in joy begin to form your own mission statement.

Krystal J Travis’s mission statement: Love as if my life depends on it. Love my God, my family, those that I meet daily, either through my written word, spoken word, social media, or personal life. Share with them that they are wonderfully and fearfully made, that they are complete and whole and that they too have an incredible God given purpose. Live my daily life holding “no record of wrongs” for love makes up for practically everything.

Krystal Travis