Released From Prison

How in the world can you prepare to be released from prison? Yes I said prison, in my families case, my husband was literally “released” from prison when he quit his job at the Department of Corrections,  and we  also released ourselves from the prisons we had built in our minds and  into our everyday life style. Quitting your primary J.O.B can be overwhelming and stressful but you can prepare your  heart, mind and family for a radical lifestyle change, just as we did.
For our family it involved a lot of prayer, planning, mentoring and mind set change and truthfully  many, many sleepless nights, even for the kids. My husband hardly slept for three weeks as we were trying to decide if he really should quit his job and the exact date that it should happen. We had the opportunity to attend a great business, entrepreneurial, mindset conference with many of our mentors called Secret Knock, hosted by Greg Reid it was scheduled for the first week of August 2014, but in order for us all to attend as a family my husband would definitely have to quit his job. It was a gut wrenching time as we weighed the pros and cons, literally feeling like we were weighing our lives and that of our children on a great big balance  scale. The most difficult part was actually making the decision, once it was made it felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted and we were able to sleep again, for a little while at least.

If you are thinking of quitting your “day” job to pursue your dreams, please weigh the decision carefully, we sacrificed and worked multiple jobs for many years, our “day” jobs and our dreams jobs, before we just up and quit our day job to pursue our dream full time. You will have to sacrifice much to reach your dream but if you believe in your heart that it is worth it and keep working to the best of your ability, the doors will open for you to be able to walk through them toward your dreams.

 The first step is to prepare your mind. We had to go through some very radical mind set changes, taking a couple years of preparation, to break through many walls we had built over the years. Daily mind feed is still the number one priority of our day. (Suggested books: The BibleHow to Win Friends and Influence People, Believing God, Breaking Free, Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books, many books by Nido Quebin, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren just to name a few.) 

 Once you begin to truly set your heart and mind on the pursuit of your dream and you really began to work hard on your mind set, time management and changing bad habits you will begin to see a momentum take place in your life, be warned though not everyone will be happy for you or like or believe the changes they see in you are real or lasting but don’t let this stop you, keep moving forward and before you know and maybe even realize it you also will be released from your prison and living the life of your dreams.