Krystal Travis is just like you. She invites you to join her as she encourages you to be your best self. We all have a special story to tell and share with those around us. You are your unique you. Never let others or the "labels" they put on you define you or stop you from following your dreams.

She is an author, entrepreneur, real estate investor, online business owner and marketer, home school teacher, wife and mom.

She has  1 amazing husband, 4 beautiful children, 1 wonderful son-in-law and 1 grand-baby on the way.

In the past she was told that she couldn't do many things and let fear run and define her life. She no longer believes that or let's fear be her boss.  She knows what it is like to lose over 120 pounds, face a life threatening illness, deal with learning disorders in her children, how to start an online business, make money with real estate and how to write and self publish her book. She does not let labels define her or stop her from reaching for and attaining her goals and dreams. She has a passionate love for her creator and all of His creations and knows with Him "Nothing is impossible".

Her motto is living life with "faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust".