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Krystal Travis is just like you. She invites you to join her as she encourages you to be your best self. We all have a special story to tell and share with those around us. You are your unique you. Never let others or the "labels" they put on you define you or stop you from following your dreams. However you can "Label" yourself with labels that you choose and want to define you.

Some of Krystal's labels that she chooses to define her are:  an author, entrepreneur, real estate investor, online business owner, marketer, home school teacher, wife, mom and soon be to grandma.

She has  1 amazing husband, 4 beautiful children, 1 wonderful son-in-law and 1 grand-baby on the way.

In the past she was made to believe that she couldn't/shouldn't do many things and let fear run and define her life. She no longer believes that or let's fear be her boss.  She knows what it is like to lose over 120 pounds, face a life threatening illness, deal with learning disorders in her children, how to start an online business, make money with real estate and how to write and self publish her book. She does not let labels define her or stop her from reaching for and attaining her goals and dreams. She has a passionate love for her creator and all of His creations and knows with Him "Nothing is impossible".

Her motto is living life with "faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust".



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"Unplugging From Life Support"

I am not trying to be misleading or disrespectful with the title of this post. Many of you may have literally had to deal with the agonizing reality of unplugging someone you love from life support and for that I am truly sympathetic.

Although as I have shared my story, I have had people stare at me in shock and amazement saying that they could never do that and they think and feel that what we did is just as dramatic and life changing as dealing with literal "life support" issues. I do not personally feel this way, as I have dealt with both and losing a loved one does not compare to my families journey of discovery. Although without a doubt it was life changing and dramatic. We committed ourselves to a year of being “unplugged” from the traditional things we all think we need to live and survive each day. We are now into two years of living this way.

What do you consider “Life Support”? A 40+ hour a week job, that has all the necessary benefits and insurances to make you feel safe and protected? A good school system where your kids have the best teachers and feel safe? Enough money left over after paying all the bills, to go out to dinner, the movies or on a vacation? A good church? A safe neighborhood? Family and /or friends that live close by?  These are what I and my family considered “Life Support” but in order for us to take this journey we had to “unplug” from them all. 

We quit the safe, secure, reliable J.O.B with “good” benefits and insurance, we rented out our home in a good neighborhood that had 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and 3000 sq. feet. We left behind loved ones, we had never really been far apart from before and some good friends and traded them in for a 30' 5th wheel that is 240 sq. feet, no steady reliable income, no insurance/benefits and possible lonely days on the road, away from family and friends. In the days leading up to our journey, there were days I  literally felt as if I might “actually” be dying, it physically hurt to do many of these things. On the other hand it was also exciting to plan out our route to new and exciting places and plan our visits to the family and friends that we hadn't seen in quite a while. It was exciting, scary, challenging and at times painfully sad, to purchase our “new home” a F 350 crew cab dually truck we named "Bruce", a fifth wheel, quitting our reliable j.o.b., trusting our home to strangers and leaving behind one of our children and my parents. But if we hadn't done all that we never would have made new connection with other family and loved ones. Taken our first cruise, with ALL of our family from both sides to some of our favorite places and experienced wonderful, amazing and life changing things. We never would have decided to one year later move to Tennessee to pursue our dreams even more and we would not be experiencing all the blessings we are experiencing right now.
 I just want you to know that it is possible for you to “unplug” from a life that may simply just be keeping you alive but not really letting you live! If  I and my family can do it then you most definitely can do it also, I would be honored to be that helping hand and encouragement that you may need to “unplug” and fully start to LIVE the life that you thought was just a dream.

(This is my disclaimer to you and I hope that no matter your personal opinion on the subject of God I want you to know that He is The One Thing that I have not and never will "unplug" from, more than ever He is my rock and safe place and I am  learning how to follow Him in an adventure of faith and trust. Although to be honest  there have been times I struggle and lose sight of Him, He never fails to leads me back to Him. It is my greatest desire to bring Him honor and glory throughout this journey He is leading me and my family on.)



Funny Stories

 "A Baptism gone wrong"" 

A Baptism gone wrong.  My sweet baby girl had been wanting to be baptized for quite sometime but she wanted to be baptized by her Grandpa, who is a minister and in the river. So it had taken quite sometime to find a time that would work with the weather, the river and everyone being able to be present. We were getting ready to move from Colorado to Tennessee so our time was running out. We were moving on September 12, my grandfather was having his 90th Birthday celebration on September 10th and all the family would be in town. the weather was still warm the river was not high, actually it was quite low as you will find out, and the weather was perfect. We invited everyone to attend her special day on Sunday September 11th. She was very excited. 

Remember this side note for later, her grandpa is not in the greatest of health,  and is legally deaf without his hearing aids.  Her mother (me) is known for being  extremely clumsy and at times embarrassing. Both of these things will bear great importance later on.

So it is a beautiful warm and sunny day all our family and friends gather for a picnic and  baptism celebration. After lunch was enjoyed by all, myself, my husband (Jeff), my dad (Danny) and my sweet baby girl (Grace) proceed to the river. Our eldest daughter (Karissa) had scoped out a place for us but none of us listened to her. We boldly made our way into the river. It was extremely shallow less then two feet in most places. Near the shore they have cleared most of the rocks for a swimming area, however we bypassed this area and continued to make our way to the middle of the river, in search of a better and deeper spot.

On the way to the middle, poor Grace falls 2 times, surprisingly myself and my dad have not slipped on the rocks, yet. When we are mostly to the middle, we determine that it is no deeper or better than closer to shore, in the less rocky swim area, so we make our way back, as poor Grace slips and falls 2 more times.

Finally, we settle on a spot. I go to walk closer to them and  find that my crock is filled with mud, I struggle to pull it loose and lose my balance, slip on a rock and start to fall. On my way down I reach out to try and grab something to steady myself and my fingers grab a hold of poor sweet baby Grace's swim shorts and her swim bottoms, perfectly pulling them off and giving the 40 + friends and family a FULL MOON! I am mortified and praying nobody really noticed as I laughingly  continue my fall into the river! Poor Grace quickly moves towards her dad, turning to pull up her pants saying, "mom you just pulled down my pants!"

I am literally dying now! I don't think my dad doesn't fully realized what just happened, thinking people are laughing because I just did a face plant in the river, so he proceeds to grab Grace and turn her around to dunk her. She tells him "Grandpa there is a BIG rock here", however he does not have his hearing aids in so he proceeds to bend her backwards and goes to dunk her. She hits the BIG ROCK and looks as if she is suspended on the water, not even half of her goes under! He keeps trying to dunk her  but there is no where for her to go she is being smashed on top of the big rock! You can hear our second oldest daughter Hannah say," what the heck was that?" ,everyone is laughing and not sure if they should applaud and if that officially counts  as being baptized.

I was still laughing from earlier and now I can't even breathe! Dad proceeds to grabs her by the back of her hair and yanks her out of the river!

He then announces that it does still count! Jeff  just walks away shaking his head. Graces moves away from us all and says I will just baptize myself and proceeds to dunk her face, which didn't  get wet previously, in the river!

As we were driving home from the park she told us "well I  guess I survived my baptism" and I told her "yes but you may not a lot of counseling later."

My Dad had told Grace the night before that he always ask the Lord to give those being baptized a special blessing or promise and my sweet girl has decided that the Lord wanted her to share that He has sense of humor and to give the world the gift of laughter.

Lesson learned no matter how much you wait for and plan for your special day you never no what may happen and even if all the worst things you can ever imagine happening... DO happen, you can survive it and even laugh about it and then use it for God's glory!


Let you smile change the World but don’t let the World change your smile.
— Unknown


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As a Homeschool mom, who loves to read and write, I asked the experts in Homeschool English the  best programs to teach English to my children. They told me the best thing you can do is just have them write, write, write and read, read, read. So that is what we do, we write or journal everyday. The activity that we enjoy the most is for each person to choose three things (sometimes we would choose noun, verb, adjective, sometimes any three random words and sometimes words specific to a certain subject) and then we  each write. No determined subject, or length was required. Once we all finish we eagerly share are creations with one another. My two adult daughters will still participate in this activity from time to time with us, via phone or internet, just for fun. We all enjoy it so much that we want to offer an invitation to you to join us. So check here often to add your own words to the list and then write a story to share with us. We know you will love it as much as we do! We can't wait to see your creations!





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